Best Decorating Vintage Hutch

Small Antique Hutch

Vintage hutches come in different sizes, shapes and colors and can be easily decorated to fit the design structure of almost any kitchen or room. Use it to store kitchen items such as pots, pans or appliances or use it to show nips you cannot find a permanent. Choose style Hutch. Is it a formal piece that will be the focal point of a formal dining room or will it be a decorative piece for your kitchen? This is an important provision as it forms the basis for decorations of your Hutch. Decisions on the color of hutch. You can paint it to match the color scheme in the room, or you can apply a layer of polyurethane to maintain a natural finish. Bidding is always an option if you need Hutch to match a piece of fixtures.

Place nails and screws in different sizes for a log file that is long enough for you to keep while the small area is striking something. Do not bring nails and screws-place them sporadically on the log. Hit vintage hutch with the log to give it a sad look. Hand paint small flowers print in the lower corners of drawers the Hutch had to have. If you cannot paint flowers in your hand freely, visit an art and craft store for stencils that can be used to perfectly paint the floral pattern of your choice.

Replace the handles with new ones from any hardware store. If you prefer to adhere to the antique style, you can visit a flea market or yard sales in search of old handles. Replacing hardware at Hutch can transform it from newly purchased furniture to a must have antique. Decorate shelves with collectibles. Porcelain figures, salt and pepper shakers, wine glasses or collectible plates can all be safely displayed on a vintage hutch. Select items that have a common color scheme. Place items in a pattern that will attract the most attention. For example, place larger items in the back with medium-sized items next to it and smaller things in front.