Big Advantage Of Mini Fridge Nightstand In Our Space

Nightstand With Built In Refrigerator

According to the expert, this practice, instead of reducing energy consumption, increases the value of the electricity bill and, in the medium term, can cause damage to the operation of the mini fridge nightstand. A refrigerator turns on its cooling engine when the internal temperature goes up because it should keep food and drinks cold, then automatically turn off the compressor when it gets the ideal temperature. For this reason, explains the expert, unplugging at night the refrigerator produces that in the morning is forced to work for more time to the engine, because the internal cold has been lost.

And the compressor should redouble its power to have to lower the temperature from hottest levels. This will consequently cause greater energy consumption, more expensive electricity bills and unnecessarily wear the internal operation of the appliance. The main advice to reduce energy consumption is to open the refrigerator door less times a day. This, according to the expert of LG Electronics, is because when opening the interior temperature is destabilized and forced to work more to the engine to lower it again. The key, then, is to remove or put at the same time several products and not open unnecessarily the mini fridge nightstand.

Another practical recommendation to save light is not to introduce hot dishes because the appliance will have to use more energy to maintain the temperature. Likewise, it is important to avoid hitting the refrigerator wall. If the back is kept ventilated and clean, consumption will be reduced by 15 percent. Another recommendation to save energy, according to the LG spokeswoman, is to keep the mini fridge nightstand full as long as possible. The reason is that the cooler the refrigerator is, the better it will keep the cold, because this helps keep out the hot air that comes in when you open the door.