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Contemporary sideboards – While a sideboard is a practical and useful storage piece in your dining room, it also presents a phenomenal decorating opportunity. Although your dining table is likely to be the focal point of the room, you need to keep it free of decoration, with the possible exception of a centerpiece, so that you can set up and use the table at any time. However, you can decorate a dresser and let it stay that way almost indefinitely. With a traditional decoration scheme, you can go as simple or as formal and decorated to your liking. One idea is to be simple and symmetrical, with a beautifully framed mirror hanging on the wall above your dresser, and the matching silver or golden buffet lamps flanking each end.

Add to these pieces for a more elaborate, decorated look. Some ideas include a corridor with tassels table, a grouping of curved, sculptural finials, flower arrangement topiary or a pedestal dish full of fruit. Shabby chic has to do with informal charm. While it is similar in style to traditional, shabby chic pieces are typically worn, antiqued or distressed. The color scheme is often pale. Pieces such as antique ceramic urns, bird cages, antique figures and sterling silver look photo frames on shabby chic contemporary sideboards. On the wall above the sideboard, hang an aged mirror, a group of old engravings placed, hand-painted porcelain plates, or something different, framed embroidered fabrics.

Observe the design cues of the style of elegant, contemporary sideboards and keep your decor clean and uncluttered. Instead of filling in the chandeliers, floral arrangements and figures, choose one or two larger, dramatic pieces. Asymmetrical but balanced arrangements work well with contemporary style. Consider leaning and layering several simple paintings on the dresser against the wall, and adding a large vase or a tall sculpture. Other ideas include a large mirror, asymmetric flanked on one side by a ceramic in a single color, bright wall, and on the other by a light handblown glass.