Discover Ideas For A Unique Rustic Table Lamps!

Rustic Floor Lamps For Living Room

Has been, the traditional rustic table lamps? We can not say that, but it is true that the bedside table belongs to this kind of furniture that we like to divert to offer a more personal and original decoration in the room. From the shelf to hang from the vintage chair through the pallets or breeze blocks, diverting his bedside table becomes a trend in the decor. Discover this ideas for a unique bedside table! While the chair does not have shelves or storage space for books, it gives character to the decor. His little plus? Its backrest makes it possible to clip a clip lamp and to place a plaid there.

From the vintage chair to the bistro chair to an ultra design chair, the chair gives a dash of style to the room! In addition, the space under its seat can become a place of storage if one installs a wicker basket. Really save space, the shelf to hang like a swing is a clever rustic table lamps since it does not ask to occupy the ground. Using a design board for a contemporary decor, or a raw wood board for the natural effect, you just need to attach several wires to hang from the ceiling to make it stable.

You will have the advantage of choosing the height that suits you best, and install some storage space below if necessary. To create a unique decoration, know that you can also find treasure in the street, like these blocks! Clever, these concrete elements have several advantages: solid, they provide great stability. Their constitution also means that they are accompanied by small niches which act as storages for books and decorative objects. Depending on their chosen size, the blocks are stacked and assembled for an industrial style reclaimed wood rustic table lamps. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!