Distressed Sideboard: Reinvented Again And Again With New Designs!

Distressed Rustic Sideboards Color

Versatile furniture where there are, the sideboards serve us as much as to give life to an entrance as to become the support of the star of the living room, the television. Whether they serve as storage or are only there to leave the keys, these furniture have a long history behind them and although they are not essential it is difficult to resist their charm. Maybe that’s why the new times have not managed to finish them, on the contrary. The distressed sideboard are reinvented again and again with new designs, but also recovering old models that manage to give the desired effect to the interiors with more vintage airs.

We talk about distressed sideboard. Find out what style suits your home most in this book of ideas. The dresser was basically a large piece of furniture with drawers, shelves and cabinets to store everyday things in the houses. The reality is that this storage cabinet has many meanings and several places in the home where it can be located. Then, it is common to use it to store crockery, table linen and other items for table service, but it also has its use in architecture, with craftsmen, in commerce and even in the church. At first, bulky and made of noble wood, today we find them renovated, current and in any size.

While they have reduced their volume, we can find a style of antique distressed sideboard in more standard measures but keeping the air classic and also other small and special shapes. If we used to talk about ostentatious and elegant atmospheres, now we are left with cozy and rustic interiors house, with this wooden sideboard and some oriental inspiration brought to us by furniture manufacturers from Granada, Conely. Its worn finishes give it an ancient and legendary perfect to create a very personal atmosphere in our living room or entrance. With this last and exotic sideboard we said goodbye.