Great Ideas Mid Century Hutch

Mid Century Hutch Makeover

Mid century hutch – The kitchen sideboard perfectly balances the need for kitchen organization with the desire for artistic exhibition. This is the place to display beautiful dishes, including fragile pieces, such as a porcelain tea set, figures and items such as vases or special centers that you like, but you can use them only once a year. For a look that is not so formal, free up space in the closet by stacking your daily crockery and cookbooks on the open shelf of a kitchen dresser to facilitate access that looks elegant. A wooden sideboard in a cream or almond tone allows you to display your favorite dishes and store some heavier items that do not fit in your kitchen cabinets. Make a sideboard of the centerpiece of the kitchen by arranging each shelf with different items of a similar size, such as a row of clay mixing cups.

The choice of the cabin works best when combined or contrasted with the rest of the kitchen design. For example, a modern kitchen with all the cabinetry, appliances and countertop finished in stainless steel works well with a stainless steel cage. Or, contrast the stainless steel kitchen with something neutral, such as a polished black metal cage or brushed nickel plate. Choose a kitchen dresser with a buffet server built into almost any type of wood. This piece usually combines display shelves in the upper section of the cabin and mid century hutch service height of the table in the lower part of the cabin. If there are cupboards under the buffet, you can store the plates and glasses that serve in them. Your buffet-style dresser does not have to be in the dining room.

Mid century hutch can actually be a combination of pieces of furniture. Use two or three cabinet-style pieces to create a larger area for viewing the dishes, whether on a long wall in the kitchen or in a combined kitchen and dining room. Consider wooden rabbit hutch units that extend from the floor to the ceiling. Change the color scheme of the room by selecting the rabbit hutch units finished in colors that are not traditional for wood, such as the units in which the shelves and supports are painted olive green and the borders, including the part upper and lower shelves, are painted slate gray.