Great Ideas Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

Reclaimed Wood Buffet Cabinet

Reclaimed wood sideboard – If you have limited space in your home, but would like to add a dresser, consider installing a built-in closet. A built-in sideboard is installed directly on the wall between the wall studs. No additional space is needed on the floor, which makes it an efficient solution for small houses. To complete this project, it is possible to use a dresser you already own or buy one in a thrift store or garage sale to save money. Measure the length, height and depth of your dresser using a tape measure. You will use these measurements to cut an opening in the wall large enough to accommodate your dresser.

Use a stud locator to locate the studs on the wall where you will install the built-in closet. Mark the position of the wooden posts on the wall with pencil. Draw a sketch of the shape of your closet on the wall with a pencil using a ruler of one meter and one level to keep your lines straight. The bottom of the reclaimed wood sideboard and the bottom line of the diagram should be flush with the floor. When finished, you should have two horizontal and two vertical lines that describe the shape of your dresser.

Align the tip of a drywall saw with one of the lines you drew on the wall, which indicates the position of the reclaimed wood sideboard. Gently tap the handle of the saw to push the blade through the drywall. Move the blade in and out of the drywall in a sawing motion to cut along the drawn line. Cutting along the four lines using drywall was responsible for creating the opening of the wall for its convenient recessed. If there are between wall studs on the outer edges of the wall opening, you may have to cut small panels between each pair of adjacent studs to remove the drywall panels cleanly.