How To Cover A Laminated Scandinavian Sideboard

Teak Scandinavian Sideboard

Scandinavian sideboard – There was a time when almost all genuine wooden furniture was created with dexterity and craftsmanship. Nowadays, it is much more likely that your hairdresser is cheap composite woods covered in laminate. This type of furniture is much easier to obtain and often seen as more disposable. Before shooting to that laminate sideboard, consider if it can be re-purposed. Cover the sheet with paint and use your dressing room in another bedroom or even in other places like a bar or buffet. You simply fall in love with him all over again.

Remove the Scandinavian sideboard drawers. If the changer has a sideboard with doors at the top, unscrew the hinges and remove the doors from the rest of the room. Dismantle the rest of the sideboard as much as possible. Sand all laminate surfaces with very fine grain sandpaper. Remove all of the glossy varnish from the entire sideboard but not the sand through the lamina propriety. Clean all sand surfaces well with a rag to remove dust and dirt. Apply a moderate all-surface layer to each surface of the laminate that is being painted. Allow the primer to cure at room temperature for five to seven days.

The color of the painting all the pieces of laminate with your chosen interior. Roll in a thin layer of paint using a low-nap paint roller and let it dry 24 hours. Add to a second, even coat of paint and let dry another full day. Cover each piece laminate evenly with polyurethane spray. Let the polyurethane dry for 12 to 24 hours. Reassemble the sideboard where it will be used. Then for tips and warnings, think outside the box for alternative uses for your Scandinavian sideboard. The same wide and flat drawers that are perfect for clothes are also ideal for china, books and documents.