How To Create White Table Lamps

Distressed White Table Lamps

White table lamps are an opportunity to be creative. The body of the lamp can be made from almost anything. You can use a child’s toy, a teapot, a guitar and even a broken electric drill pass from the garage. The body has to be connectable to a threaded tube either by sitting in front of it (for example, with a preferred doll) or pierced through the body when you want to hide how the lamp is made. With a lamp kit and a lamp shade and a few tools, you will have all the ingredients you need to make your own custom lamp. Select a lamp kit that has a heavy base with the feet. The equipment must have a threaded shank that is long enough to support the height of the lamp body. Distributed in its pieces on the work table so that you can find everything easily.

Create your white table lamps body. The body of the lamp is formed by the threaded tube and its decorative object. The object can be a vase, a guitar standing at the end, a toy truck, a favored teapot or anything else. Drill a hole in the object large enough for the tube to fit inside the hole. You can also associate the object with glue or quick links. Example, place a doll that sits against the tube with the tube threaded through the back of the doll’s clothing. Quick tying the wrist to the pipe in two places.

Slide the bottom of the tube through the hole in the heavy base and place a washer and lock nut over the end of the pipe. Screw the nut tight. Thread white table lamps cable through the hole in the pipe up to 3 inches emerge from the top. Place the lamp in a vertical position and stick the lower part of the wrist to secure it to the base. Place a locking nut towards the top of the tube. Place the lower part of the harp with the arms facing up. Place the socket cover with the threaded side down and screw the cap of the plug into place so that the lower harp and the plug cover are tightened.