How To Decorate The Top Of Cherry Sideboard

Dark Cherry Sideboards And Buffets

Sideboards are usually long, rectangular pieces of furniture that are often used to store dishes and utensils in a dining room. Although their main use is quite functional in nature, they also add an element of style to a dining area. Cherry sideboard provide storage; they are also an integral part of decorating a Victorian style room. There are many different ways to accent the top of a cherry sideboard with elegant vintage accessories to give the space a vintage touch. The result is a beautiful and functional furniture item to accentuate any home. Hang a best inspired mirror. To serve as a reflective backdrop for the entire cherry sideboard decor, hang a large mirror on the wall behind the dresser.

Choose an ornate mirror in any geometric shape with details, such as metal, floral motifs or motifs, intricate wood inlays, to amplify the cherry sideboard decor of the room, as well as add an element of light, type and condition. Accessories with paintings. Improve the entire cherry sideboard style decoration by hanging, a Victorian inspired painting on both sides of the mirror wall to lengthen the design over the area. A showcase of the paintings to a large extent, carved gold frames of optimum hue for visual appeal of unique style.

Accent with special lighting. Place a cherry sideboard style lamp with fringes or beads on the right side of the console to add light to the sideboard display. Fabric curtains in dark burgundy or dark green add visual weight to the design and help anchor decorative elements of the dresser. Finish the lighting sideboard by hanging, a light work on the wall paintings to highlight Victoria’s work and give her the space of a designer looks too. Decorate with a vase of flowers. Further enhance the cherry sideboard style buffet decor with a vase on the left side of the console for medium-sized imitation or real flowers. Choose a simple vase, gold tones to complement the entire dresser decoration, as well as give the screen an elegant, designer touch.