How To Make Small Table Lamps Above

Small Accent Lamps

Small table lamps – Creative custom lamps can be manufactured almost anything flammable. Making small table lamps above a simple metal kitchen strainer can give a whimsical touch to kitchen lighting. With a few materials and some free time, you can create a conversation piece for your dinners. How to make small table lamps above, place the strainer on the work surface with the bottom part facing up. Using leather gloves cut with the metal scissors an opening large enough for the plug of the light kit cable to easily slide through. This step can take some muscle.

Then for make a small table lamps above, slip the plug had connected the light kit through the opening. Make sure that the cable is threaded through the interior of the strainer. You want the light to fit inside the colander. Pull the cord through the opening until the light snaps tightly into the strainer when hanging. Then put aside. Determine where you want your pendant small table lamps to place the cursor on the table and screw a small tea hook into the ceiling. Hanging lights more float between 28 and 32 inches above the table.

Secure the cable on the tea hook and lower the light to the desired suspension height. Loot the cable on the ceiling to the nearest outlet. Additional tea hooks may be required as well as an extension cord if the cable provided with the light kit is not enough. Do not plug. Then for make small table lamps above, Place a spotlight on the socket light and tighten. Plug the cable into the wall and turn on. Then for tips and warnings, use the copper bucket or large metal bowl instead of kitchen strainer. Also be careful with metal scissors, they are extremely sharp. Make sure the materials used for the fireproof lamp.