Ideas Decorating Mirrors Behind Nightstands

Mirrors Above Bedside Tables

Mirrors behind nightstands – The mirrors have been used to light a house by incorporating more light and brightness. Hang a large mirror, so immediately create a magical through the looking glass effect. However, there are a number of ways to use mirrors with more imagination throughout your home. You can use the outside mirrors to add mysterious rooms and the signs to a small patio or garden. Even broken, mirrors can be put to good use in craft projects. Mirror fragments are a great way to spice up a mosaic. If you enjoy art projects, then a Moroccan style table or wall panel using colored squares interspersed with pieces of broken mirror is a good way to add interest to a sun-room.

Old, stained mirrors provide old world charm. They are perfect to add a gothic touch to an interior. Collect old mirrors in flea markets and garage sales. Hang them in groups and at the corners to create cloudy time worn elegance. Do not worry about trying to match the frames. Discalced of smooth and ornate mirrors is the epitome of neglected air. When mirrors behind nightstands are used in a themed room such as an inspired seaside bathroom decorating a normal mirror frame using sea shells, sea glass and small bits of driftwood will add to the charm next to the sea.

Create a window effect by using a simple window frame in front of a large mirrors behind nightstands. Fix a shelf underneath and put a bunch of plants in it. This works with large or small mirrors, and offers a vision of another world. Add stick in mirror boxes to the walls of dark cabinets, pantries and cabinets to bring to light. Place a mirror with a photo frame behind a lamp to increase the light in a room. Use mirrored squares such as place mats and coasters to bring sparkle to a festive dining table. Make sure they are made of safety glass, to prevent accidents. Illuminate a lugubrious corridor by attaching mirrors to the ceiling to create a skylight effect.