Ideas For A Black And White Painted Modern Sideboards

Contemporary Tv Sideboard

Whether reassigning a sideboards or looking to make a large design statement in a room, the high contrast of black and white can give even an ugly new life a sideboards. Choose a modern sideboards design that suits your artistic abilities and your home decorating scheme. And black and white paint lends themselves well to bold patterns; in modern sideboards, a large pattern can make a great statement on a small canvas. If you are unsure about your artistic abilities or looking for a quicker project, use painter’s tape to create stripes, checkers or a diamond pattern. If you have more confidence in your ability to paint, choose something like a zebra or a cheetah print.

Large templates, for an elegant but daring look in modern sideboards, use templates to cover the entire surface. Paint the entire white sideboards, including the fronts of the drawers. Make or buy templates that are at least one foot: consider a floral pattern, a fleur-de-lis or a brocade-like pattern. The stencils for the drawer tightly tape the painter’s tape and use black spray paint to fill in the spaces. If you have a comfortable curve or drawers that have a lot of space between them, use a stencil brush to prevent bleeding from the black paint.

For a modern, clean look, paint the body of the dresser either black or white depending on what will work with the rest of the room decoration. Paint the drawer fronts in the other color and choose drawer pull in the base color. Simple color extensions work in a modern or traditional house. To add extra pop, use a pattern bit in the drawer or legs. And if you have artistic talent, put them to work in modern sideboards with a spray paint and template style work of art. Create a template by blasting a work of art and using it as a pattern; consider a favorite comic book frame or a piece of graffiti style.