Ideas to Repaint Nightstand Gun Safe

Dec 23rd

If you want o change the color of nightstand gun safe. You can choose your favorite color. A bedside table can be a table for life, but this does not mean that we have to live with a color and finish that at a certain time we liked, but now is not what we would erect. There are many people who are forced to get rid of a certain piece of furniture because the color or finish that they have or do not like, or does not go with the style of decoration that currently has your home. This is very common in classic furniture, and it does not need to be old. Furniture that in a certain period was finished with a varnished finish, in most cases with brightness, or furniture that for certain trends or fashions were painted in bright colors.

Bedside Table Gun Safe

If you have a few tables whose style, shape, design and size you like, but the only thing that does not fit is your finish, we will help you recover them. To change the color or finish you must follow these steps. The first thing is to choose the color or the type of finish you would like them to have. There are finishes such as painted or varnished that you can do at home, but others such as lacquer, you will need to resort to professionals who do it. If you are going to paint the nightstand gun safe in another color, the first thing you should do is do a color test to see if you can paint directly with the painting you have chosen.

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How much paint will you need? If you are going to choose a color to the letter that is the most usual, the minimum you will have to buy and that on the other hand it will be enough to paint the two nightstand gun safe will be a kilo of paint. Very simple, take a brush and paint just a little bit on any part of your table. Let it dry one day, and check if the painting has been perfectly fixed to the table. To do this, it is enough that with the fingernail you scratch a bit on the painted part to see that it does not jump. It may happen that when the nail passes over the painted, the paint easily jumps, and then you cannot continue painting without previously preparing the surface.