Nightstand Fridge: Very Diversified and for All the Tastes

Jan 17th

Once your use determined, remains to find the model that suits you among the thousands that exist. You are lost? Follow these smart ideas to choose the perfect nightstand fridge that will go with your bedroom! The idea is to harmonize the maximum lamp with the decoration of the room. For functional lighting – for reading in bed, for example. In this case, the height of the foot is decisive, and must be proportional to the height of the bed and the bedside table. The other solution is to opt for a lamp suspended from the ceiling, which offers a better reading comfort.

Black Mini Fridge Nightstand Diy

To favor a soft “design” side, it is possible to adopt a classic lamp whose sole foot will be original or uncluttered. A lamp can be supported by an assertive silhouette, elongated, filiform: the foot becomes the central element, while the lampshade is discreet. A chromed metal lamp base provides a resolutely design atmosphere at little cost. Choose the tubular and fine foot. If the shapes do not scare you, select feet no longer slender, but cut geometrically: rectangles or ovals, they can become the lampshade themselves. The top of the top: an opal glass lamp, round or cubic, placed on a brushed metal base, all set on a black nightstand fridge.

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A lamp must be both aesthetic and ergonomic. The touch technology implies a great ease of use in everyday life: a tapping of the finger, sometimes a simple touch, is enough to activate the bulb. The models of nightstand fridge are much diversified and for all the tastes, and offer many advantages. Some models offer to modulate the intensity of the light with a simple pressure of the hand on the base. These shades of brightness make it possible to switch from reading mode to dimmed mode in the blink of an eye, so as to fall asleep in complete peace of mind.

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