Tips For Refinished Nightstand

Refinished Furniture With Chalk Paint

Refinished nightstand provides head space for a lamp, reading materials or a glass of water. While it is used for utility and convenience, there is no reason for it to be boring, lacking in personality. Acrylic or latex paint that turns that night table into a piece of functional art worthy of a day seeing like that. Even if that nightstand is a thrifty piece since the 1950s, it does not have to look dated or old. Bring the 21st century by gallons of paint or stripes on it. Painter’s tape is the key to creating the designs. simply arrange rows of tape in the form of “V” connected by chevrons, or, of stripes, in parallel strips. Organize the strips of tape in different widths for greater visual interest. The tape continues after the nightstand everything has a fresh layer of the first colored paint, like apple green. Then the second color, like mint green, goes between the tape strips.

If extravagant or kitsch is your playful bedroom decor idea, an animal print nightstand can make you purr of pleasure. To make any animal print, paint first, the refinished nightstand in a color as white for a print zebra or tan for a giraffe or leopard. Add the stripes of a zebra or spots of a giraffe or leopard with a second color and even a third if creating an appearance of leopard spots. For just one flash point, paint the one color bedside table, like violet, with only the top or the drawer in a print animal. Nobody said animal prints have to be true to natural colors or else, a blue and green zebra print may be more your style.

Since a bedside table is used mainly at night, why not turn it into a work of art that reflects the night sky? Indigo as a background color gives that atmosphere of night sky. Give a fade effect in a corner by mixing white paint to imply dusk or dawn. Paint refinished nightstand stains shines in the dark, applied by shaking the bristles of a brush loaded with paint, they act as stars for the support of the night. Paint in larger dots with the end of a brush handle or pencil to recreate a sky map of your favorite constellations.