Vintage Sideboard with a Shabby Look

Dec 29th

Vintage sideboard – If you have a new sideboard, beat it a little to give it some style. For some people, a new, perfect paint job is ideal, while others are the imperfections of old, worn furniture that give it character and charm. If you want to incorporate some shabby furniture in your room decoration, you are in luck. It is much easier to anguish a dresser than to the perfect. You do not need expensive materials or special artistic skills to turn your dresser into a rustic piece. Bring your painted vintage sideboard to a place where you have plenty of room and good ventilation. Put it on a rag. Take out the drawers.

French Vintage Sideboard

How to give a vintage sideboard with a shabby look. Radian with something heavy that can damage the finish, such as metal chains. And you can use a hammer a few times, but hammers will leave identical circle marks, so do not overdo it, or it will look unnatural. Radian the drawers. And then make some notches along the edges of the drawers, as well as on the front surface. Take out your frustrations on it, the results will be bolder. Grab a knife, a screwdriver or some other sharp object and scratch the wood in some places.

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Tap a nail in the top 1/4 inch of the wood with a hammer. Making a small group of them with different sized nails look like wormholes. We do a few in the drawers, like that. Sand down the dresser painted with fine grit sandpaper everything, just too opaque it. Upgrade to a coarser sandpaper and sand it vigorously on the edges, handles and corners to take some of the paint and expose it to unfinished wood. Then to give a vintage sideboard with a shabby look, rub some brown or dark black Polish shoe to some random surfaces or edges will discolor it. Use a very light layer on a cloth.

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